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Microcellular Systems About Us


Microcellular Systems specialize in the following:


  2/2.5/3G GSM and CDMA mobile WLL and Wireless broadband networks


  Transportable, rapid deployable temporary networks


Services Offered include:


  Business case development, proposal issue and evaluation


  Network design (RF, backhaul, satellite, switching, services)


  End to end system engineering


  Network integration and testing


  Customization and adaptation for market or application specific needs


  Installation and commissioning


  Network optimization, capacity growth analysis


  Technical support, network monitoring, ongoing O+M


  New service planning, testing and introduction (SMS/MMS/data/roaming)


  Value added service hosting (SMS/MMS/Roaming apps)


Contact Info:


Headquarters in San Diego, CA with additional office in UK. For more information contact us at:




Fax: +1 (440) 202-6818