Rounded Rectangle: Home2011 Tentative Race Schedule


Full schedule to be finalized when dates set for all events, hopefully by early January 2011, also subject to change based on other projects, going to be a busy year.

Promoter            Event                                    Format                                Class                     

WOR                      Selected rounds                              H&H                                       O40 B

WOR                      Selected rounds                               Enduro                                 O40 B                   

ADMCC                Aberystwyth                      Enduro                                 O40                       

ADMCC                Mountain Top                   Enduro                                 O40                       

Builth                    Cwmowen                          Enduro                                 O40 B                   

GMC                      Selected rounds BSEC    Sprint                                    Expert E3?                          

ACU                       Selected rounds BEC      2 day Enduro                      O40 B                   

LLDMCC               Hill Climb                              Hill Climb                              Enduro?

ACU?                     Welsh 2 day                        2 day Enduro                      Twin shock

DDBC                     Caio                                       Enduro                                 O40 B                   

Manchester 17  Long Mynd                         H&H                                       O40 B                   

RMEC                    Selected rounds                               Restart Enduro                  Senior B              

AMA D36             Cross Country Series      HS/CC                                   Senior B              

NEPG                    Lubock TX                            Restart Enduro                  Senior B

NEPG                    Upton WY                           Restart Enduro                  Senior B

Los Ancianos      Tecate                                  HS                                           Senior B

??                           Tractor Race                       HS                                           Senior B

RidgeRiders        Boise IA                                                2 day qualifier

AMA D38             Live Oaks                             GP                                          Senior B

AMA West HS    Selected rounds                               HS                                           Senior B

GNCC                    Selected rounds                               HS                                           Senior B

AMA D37             One off                                                Desert Scramble

WORCS                 Selected rounds                               HS                                           Senior B