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Microcellular Systems – Consultancy Services



We believe that in today’s current wireless marketplace, a network’s ability to adapt and provide the newest advancements in technology to its subscribers should be at the forefront of its strategic objectives.


Microcellular Systems has a highly skilled and flexible team of consultants that will deliver complete wireless solutions and proven results by capitalizing on their own experience and technology skills. We provide solutions that help network operators react quickly and in a cost effective way.


Whether it’s in technology focused, business orientated or strategic based consultancy, we believe that we have the solution to serve your specific need.


Technology Based Consultancy

Microcellular Systems has extensive experience in telecommunications’ network design, with an emphasis on GSM, CDMA and wireless broadband development. We primarily assist operators with their wireless needs, and fully support integration of wireless to both wire-line and IP-based networks. We have experience in the launch of many networks all over the world.


Technology demands will be addressed through signaling (SS7, MAP, ANSI-41, CAP, WIN, INAP, IP, SIP, M3UA) and overall network design, implementation, and integration roaming billing systems and back office enablers RFP development, vendor assessments and procurement Education and training Project managers/Program managers/Planners Business Oriented Consultancy


Due to Microcellular Systems team experience, we possess a thorough understanding of network operator environments. Through our consultancy assignments in the past we have supported all facets of the evolving global telecommunications sector. We help you analyse opportunities, assess your current organisation and develop overall business planning.


Microcellular Systems Business Consultants each have a minimum of fifteen years’ experience in successful high-tech ventures. Our flexibility means we employ a variety of methodologies, fully customized for specific organisations. You can use our business management consultancy in tackling the following aspects of your company: Business Case Planning, Strategy Development and Fiscal Analysis Sales Channel Support and New Business Development Market Research, Usage Analysis and Marketing Support Internal Skills Assessment or External Risk Assessment Merger and Acquisitions – Due Diligence to Contract Negotiations Process Evaluation and Documentation Project Consulting Strategic Based Consultancy.


Microcellular Systems executive management team assists top-level telecommunication executives to develop their strategic visions for success. By tightly coupling deep technical knowledge with well-rounded business acumen, we provide a framework to manage and prioritize multiple initiatives within an organization. Microcellular Systems helps operators and vendors to launch and grow their business by first helping them understand their own customers’ needs.


Let Microcellular Systems assist you in reaching your objectives by calling on us to design a customized strategy tailored to your company's culture that is fast, flexible and quantitative.