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Microcellular Systems Container Systems


Microcellular Systems is a worldwide leader in design and build of Container Systems used by cellular network operators.


  Used for long term deployments such as permanent or semi-permanent network build-out or private government/military applications.


  3, 6 or 12m ISO size containers with any cellular or wireless broadband functionality, GSM/GPRS, CDMA, UMTS and WLAN.


  Fiber, copper, microwave and satellite transmission options in any combination.


  Integrated single or dual masts up to 50m with maintenance free storage system for cables.


  Fully customized to meet your needs with generators, battery backup, air conditioning, safety interlocks and monitoring tools.


  Transported by standard truck, plane or helicopter, simple deployment by single technician within 30 minutes of arrival at site.


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More details and pictures available on request.