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Microcellular Systems Network Systems


Microcellular Systems is a worldwide leader in design and build of specialized wireless network systems used by cellular network operators. The team has expertise as mobile network operators for such companies as Orange, Pacific Bell Mobile and AT&T Mobility and as vendor/integrator has deployed dozens of mobile networks on every continent around the world. We are vendor agnostic, we have worked with all major vendors, we have selected our own best of class preferred vendors, or we can use your existing relationships.


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There are typically 3 different scenarios which can be for small to very large networks, islands, cruise ships or private / government applications:


  Turnkey new networks using any wireless technology (GSM/GPRS, CDMA, UMTS, WLAN, LTE)


  Extending coverage and / or service areas


  Adding new services, functionality or additional capacity


Irrespective of the application we provide a complete suite of services including:


  Equipment supply including but not limited to following:

         Base stations and controllers (BTS, BSC, Node B, RNC)

         Switching / core switch and packet networks


         Antenna systems

         Power systems (AC, DC, battery backup, generators, solar, wind)

         Transmission / Backhaul (microwave, fiber, satellite)

         Valued added services (SMS, VMS, MMS, prepaid, SGSN, GGSN, IMS, Blackberry)

         Data networking

         Support systems (network management, performance management, billing, customer care)

         Terminals (handsets, SIM, smart devices)


  Network design, RF, backhaul, interconnect and signaling


  Implementation, project management, network build-out


  System integration and testing


  Network optimization


  Roaming coordination and testing (voice, SMS, data, prepaid)


  Training, at customer site or at our offices


  Support, on site and/or remote


  Software suite of tools for ongoing maintenance



More details available on request, contact.